Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer Keiki Craft Camp 2016 - Mixed Media Projects

Summer Sun and Crafty Fun all rolled into one;
THAT is what Keiki Crafts is all about during this sunshine season!
We spent the second day doing Mixed Media art and making them into greeting cards
and envelopes.  It was a BIG HIT with the kids!  Colorful bubbles were everywhere!
We mixed watercolors and alcohol inks into Miracle Bubble Soap to blow colorful bubbles onto our papers.   The bubbles fizzed, popped, foamed and overflowed onto the papers to create beautiful and whimsical shapes and designs in pretty pastel colors!  Remember when you used to mix that chocolate syrup into a cool glass of milk and then blew into your straw to make it bubble up to the rim of your glass?  We used this technique with the alcohol ink colored soap and let the bubbles overflow into our papers!

Mix alcohol ink and soap, then blow some fizzy bubbles!

Blowing rainbow bubbles creates a splash of pastel color!

Such a gigantic mountain of pink bubbles!
Big bubbles are a surprise!
Let the bubbles fall onto the paper!
 We also used crayons to draw and sketch on our watercolor and brushed on some watercolors to create a resist effect.  Wax and Water don't get along, so the result is a cool resist design!
Check out everyone's awesome watercolor art!

Here's everyone's masterpieces!
 If you're interested in learning about this amazing Keiki Crafts Camp, come into any of our stores
and we'll be happy to give you more info about it!  Sign up your keiki today!

Erika @ PC        

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