Thursday, June 9, 2016


Here's what you're going to need...
  • SPC's Clear Pail - 1 pint
  • Loew Cornell's Mini Jumbo Popsicle Sticks
  • SPC's Coconut Rope - 2 ply
  • Americana's Gel Stain in Walnut
  • Pro Art's 1/2" White Taklon Wash
  • Any 2.5" Decorative Ribbon
  • SPC's Jute Rope
  • Mini Hot Glue Gun - High Temp
  • Mini Glue Stick
...and maybe some bird seeds.
Before you jump the 'glue' gun, the best thing to do first is glue down your gel stained popsicle sticks for your little birdies to perch on. So bust out that brush and give them a single coat with your Americana Gel Stain in Walnut. Then, that way you can conceal it under the coconut rope as you begin to wrap the pail. I went and stuck on three sticks so that more birds can chow down in your new restaurant. *Make sure your handle is on the side of your popsicle sticks, that way it can just hang under the bottom.
Begin gluing down your end point at the bottom, where your popsicle sticks lie, but still covering (all) the popsicle sticks. Just glue half an inch down with every inch inbetween. When you come to where the handles connect to the pail, end your rope and glue the end down. Begin measuring and cutting the ropes close to the handle points. Then glue to fill up the two points between the handle ends. After you've filled up the two points, continue wrapping around the rest of your pail. To add some color to your bird feeder, with your decorative ribbon go ahead and tie a bow around the fully wrapped coconut pail. The jute twine is for you to hang your bird feeder. Just wrap around it two or three times and tie a knot, leaving 5-6 inches on each side. Make a loop knot at the very end, and tie a bow to make it cute.
Voila! Happy full birds in your yard! Ejoy!

Thank you for Crafting with KrazyGoo!

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