Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Fairy Garden Treasure Box

Happy Summer, Everyone!
The Summer Equinox has officially come around with an awesome display of the Strawberry Moon.
(Unfortunately, the cloudy sky made it difficult to see but at least we have something to look forward to in 2067.) 
It's the official time for reading!  Beach reads, Travel reads...  It's summer tradition!
My craft for this week is incorporating another big fad that we're bringing back this year: 
Fairy Gardens!
Whaaat?  Summer reading and Fairy Gardens?  
Not as crazy as you think.  See, I'm thinking fairies read too.  
I'm sure they have miniature books in their miniature shelves inside some oak tree library. 
So, they've got to be in on this summer reading thing too, right?  
Here's a peaceful little place I think a fairy can do just that. 

Here's what you'll need!
- Paper mache treasure box
-Acrylic Paint (not pictured)
- Plastic Succulent cuttings
- Moss 
- Floral Wire 
- Paper 
-Wood pieces
- Wire cutters
- Round-nosed pliers
-Hot glue gun

 I went ahead and painted the individual pieces of wood first to create my own furniture.  I also hot glued a loop of floral wire to create a chair backing.   You can use whatever colors you want for your furniture set.  While those were drying, I painted the treasure box in a Steel Grey (Delta Americana) and distressed it with Ceramcoat Metallic 14k Gold for some accents. 

I then took small squares of cardstock and stacked them to make mini book pages and hot glued them together.  After this, I cut a small piece of darker kraft paper cardstock to make a book cover.  After the treasure box was dry, I stuffed the bottom with Spanish moss and added some succulent cuttings in the corner to look like bushes, added a few drier pieces of moss to cover up the holes on the side and hot gued the furniture into the main carpet of moss.

That's all she wrote!  
This is a great summer project to do with the kids because it allows them to use their imagination to create their own world.  It's something fun that will definitely take their mind off sweltering summer heat, so save it for one of those rainy days when you need some enchantment.
Have fun and see you next week!
~ Erika @ PC ~

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