Thursday, June 2, 2016


The day's are getting hotter, that means summer is here! This week we decorated our Ball Mason Jar with a little beach theme. These make great center pieces for any occasion!

Here's what you're going to need...
  • Americana Décor Paint - Chalky Finish
  • Large Synthetic Brush (not Natural or Bristle)
  • Mason Jar or any Jar/Vase with a flat and smooth surface
  • Rope, we used hemp twine from Canvas Corp.
  • Stencil of Desired Shape
  • Black Sharpie - Extra Fine Point
What I did with the mason jar, since the outside isn't smooth, I stuck the stencil inside the jar and outlined it with a extra fine sharpie. Don't worry, the sharpie rubs off! I wanted a chalky finish so I choose the Americana Décor Paint in the Chalky Finish. Here's where it get's difficult. Remember those coloring pages you did as a kid and you would color within the lines, well we have to color outside the lines instead. Though, there are spray types that you can use too. You'd just have to use painter's 'blue' tape and cut a shape out. Add a little rope with a bow, or not, just under the lid! To make it really light up, add a candle or fire fly lights to the jar!

Thank you for Crafting with KrazyGoo!

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