Monday, July 18, 2016

Fairy Flower Crown

Happy Monday!
What a beautiful day to make a gorgeous summer flower crown!

Hot Glue Gun / glue sticks
green florist tape
flower stamens in any color
Floral wire in 20 gauge 
1-2 feet of raffia, or ribbon
assorted leaves, foliage, and faux flowers 
thick brown paper wrapped floral wire
wire cutters

First, twist two ends of your brown paper wrapped floral stems together. Then wrap the whole thing around your head to get the right size. Holding the size with your fingers, continue to wrap together the other end of the stem, creating a hoop shape.

 Then take 3-4 flower stamens, and fold them in half. Hold them against the brown stem and securely wrap with florist tape. The sticky-ness of the tape becomes activated when stretched! So pull your tape taught. If you rip it, hide the tear with a new piece.

Continue wrapping your florist tape around clusters of stamens folded in half as close together as you prefer. I wrapped them on about every 2 inches.

Then, taking your thinner gauged wire, hand wrap around your crown, making loops as you go. If you prefer to make loops on the top and bottom, and roughly 1 inch wide, you will use 3-4 sticks of wire. Trim excess wire with your wire cutters, making sure the sharp end won't poke you when you're wearing this magnificent head piece.

Then the only thing left to do is to hot glue your assorted flower heads to your crown! Make it as full or sparse as you want! The smaller the flower, the more feminine and fairy like. The larger the flower, the more bold and summery your crown will be! You can use similar colored flowers, or all completely random colors! That's what I love about flower crowns - there are so many different versions! And every one of them is unique and beautiful. 
Happy crafting!

Bethany @ Enchanted Lake  

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