Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Beach-themed Centerpiece

"Life's a beach and I'm just playing in the sand!"
For those of you ocean-lovers who live by this saying, this project is
a great piece of décor or centerpiece for your upcoming special event!  Whether it's a birthday party, grad party, anniversary or wedding, this idea
will be a "shore" pleaser for all those beach-bums at heart.
(And yes, I did just type that.)
~ Here's what you'll need! ~
1. Glass Vase
2. 4 inch Wooden Letter
3. Sand
4. Rope or Twine
5. Paint
6. Glitter Paste
7.  Floral Wire
8. Painter's Tape
9. Shells & Starfish (optional)
Let's get started!
Step 1.  Paint your wooden letter in your desired paint color.  I chose
Delta Americana's Coastal Waters, which is a nice mix between teal and turquoise. Paint a layer of glitter paste onto your wooden letter.  I chose a light blue paste by BoBunny.
Step 2.  Wrap a piece of rope around my vase and fill it with some sand.  I think black sand would be and interesting contrast as well.  Feel free to add some shells, rocks or starfish to "embellish".
Step 3. Twist your floral wire into a coral shape, then
Wrap the shape in some blue painter's tape to give your "coral skeleton" some body.  I then brushed on a thick layer of the same BoBunny glitter paste to add more depth and dimension to the blue of the tape.


Step 6. Lastly, place your "coral" piece into your vase and the wooden letter right in front.
Now you're done!


I hope everyone has fun recreating and personalizing this idea.  Add some firefly or tea lights, change up the colors or embellish your letter with jewels!
The possibilities are endless.
As always, have fun and see you next week!
Erika @ PC

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