Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Felt Fall Leaf Art

When you can cook eggs on the sidewalk, you know Summer is definitely here.
It can get miserable, especially during the early afternoon hours, so for those 
of you who like to beat the heat by crafting indoors in a nice and cool room, 
this is a great project!  Not only is it fun and easy, it's also a promise that 
nippy Autumn days are right around the corner... 

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Supplies Needed
6 inch Embroidery Hoop
Leaf print out or stencil
*Embroidery floss 
Fabric Scissors
*Buttons (optional) 

*Choose any color you want!

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Let's get started!

Step 1. If you chose to print out a leaf shape like me, go ahead and cut out your leaf.  Trace the shape onto your felt and cut it out.


Step 2. Put your burlap into your embroidery hoop.  Make sure it's taut!


Step 3. Start stitching your leaf shape onto your burlap with the embroidery floss.  This is where you really get to see how your color choices work out!  As you can see, I used very bright and warm Fall colors.

Step 5.  This step is really optional, but I stitched on some colorful buttons in contrasting colors.  This is just to add a "cutesy" touch.


That's all she wrote!  
Try testing out different color combinations and embellishments.
Layer different colors of leaves on your burlap!  Stitch a border around your design or even add some wording!  
Have fun!

Erika @ PC

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