Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Frosted Turquoise Hawaii Sign

You know those days where you are just itching to get out of the house to search for inspiration?
That's me every single time I have a day off!  Hop into the car and head out to the mall, the library,
the park...  Anywhere that will get your creative juices flowing!
I visited a little shop with some very beachy vibes last week and found a Hawaii sign that I loved the look of and tried to recreate it today.

~ Here's what you'll need! ~

 1. 8-inch wooden letters
2. Ceramcoat or Delta Americana Acrylic Paint
3. Gel Wood Stain
4. Mod Podge
5. Crystal Glitter

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 Let's get started!


The first thing to do is take your base color and brush it on! 
I mixed up a nice light turquoise color using Delta Americana's Coastal Waters and Ceramcoat's white.  Let this coat dry completely.


Next, I used the Delta Gel Wood Stain in the color Walnut.  It's a nice dark brown that will bring a nice contrast to the turquoise. 

 Then brush on a thin coat of Mod Podge and sprinkle on that magical crystal glitter!  

 After the Mod Podge is dry and you have that nice layer of shiny crystal dust on it, feel free to embellish it!  Want a beach theme?  Add some shells, starfish or a rope border!  Something a little more elegant?  Maybe a few rhinestones or flowers.  As for me, I took a few frosted rocks from a 
vase filler pack and hammered them to get smaller pieces.  I then hot glued them on for a "dew" look. 
That's all she wrote!  It's a really simple rainy-day project that's great for a cool
piece of home decor.  (Plus, the kids would LOVE painting their monograms...)
I hope everyone has an awesome week!

Erika @ PC

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