Saturday, July 2, 2016

Mermaid Box

Mermaid tale Box

Materials list:
Aqua Cardstock
Purple cardstock
Scribbles Teal Glitter
Orange circle punch
Double sided tape
Die Cut machine (at Ben Franklin stores)

·     Take your Teal cardstock and use the die cut #X15 (this is the number for Hilo Ben Franklin store).  Cut the pyramid box out and assemble the box using the double sided tape.
·         With the scrap teal cardstock, cut out the tie on die cut #X50. Cut the bow tie out, and then cut in half. Then make a fine shape out of the half of the bow tie (as shown). Tape the fin on the top of the box.
·         Take the circle punch and cut out 15 teal circles and 15 purple circles. Tape the circle on the front of the box. Layer them , plus overlap them( as shown in the picture,
·         Take the scribbles, make lines on the tale to outline and decorate the box. 

                           @HILOBEN FRANKLIN

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