Monday, July 25, 2016

Nail & String Numbered Wall Clock

Happy Monday!

Today's project is a wall clock using nails and string to make the numbers!
So cool!

square wooden pallet about 12in x 12in
pencil and eraser
galvanized flat head nails about 1 in tall
white crochet thread or hemp cord
clock mechanism with 3/8 in. post 
1 AA battery

First, draw your numbers around your pallet with pencil! (the lines can be erased at the end)

Then hammer in your nails at any place where there is a beginning, end, or change in line direction. Your nails don't have to necessarily be evenly spaced. The curves are more tricky, and require more nails, but otherwise just pretend like you're making "connect the dots" numbers.

Once you have hammered in all your nails, use your crochet thread or hemp cord and tie a knot to one of your nails. The pattern I used was to make an "X" shape from one nail to the other, then go around the outsides. This will give you the thickest line. But really, there's no one way to do it. Just wrap your string around your numbers several times from one nail to the next and then tie it off at the end.


Next, take your drill and make a hole directly in the center. This is where the clock mechanism will go!
Drill from the front to the back so that the smooth side will be on the front.

Then, following the directions on the packaging for the 3/8 in. clock attachment, push the clock stem through the hole, securing with the nut provided. I colored the gold clock hands black with an oil based marker so that they would be more visible, but you can also just buy hands separately for $3 or so.

Then just plug in one AA battery in the back and ta da!! 


Bethany @ Enchanted Lake 

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