Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Because Mermaid Reasons...

Hey, Everyone!
Today I have another project using one of our unfinished wood products.  Wait!  Don't skip my post just yet!  *lol*  I promise this one is an awesome one.  This DIY is super easy and adorable.  Trust me.  Mermaids are involved.  Well, reasons to be a mermaid to be more accurate.

I painted this sign using DecoArt's Chalky finish in Serene and Treasure as well as Ceramcoat acrylic paint in Pthalo Blue. 
I painted a base coat in the minty blue Serene color, layered on some deep Pthalo blue and teal-colord Treasure chalky finish, then distressed the wood as a finishing touch with more Serene. I then used a Montana acrylic marker in Gleaming Pink and a white Deco pen for the wording, which I was inspired to write based on a hilarious Twitter post. 
 To embellish I tied a few bows on the wire in complimenting colors, but you could also use rhinestones, shells and even twine to create designs onto the wood itself.

Instead, I doodled a few clam shells around the wording.  It turned out so cute and cheeky.  If you ever get the chance to read the actual post, do it.  It is amazingly funny and... you will also see why I couldn't put the entire quote word for word on this sign. *Haha*  
But Hey!  It still turned out awesome, right?

This is a simple and fun sign to make as a gift for that mermaid-lover in your life.  
Or that one who wants to be a mermaid.  Because... Mermaids!
 Or sirens... There's two kinds of people in this world. :)

Have fun!

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