Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Stencil and Paint Pen Art

Hey Guys!

Today I'll be talking about this spray painted stenciled piece. After Spray painting a bamboo stencil, I had some fun with a Montana Acrylic Marker and drew a mysterious samurai around the stenciled shapes.
For this project, I used a bamboo pattern stencil, masking tape, 8x8 canvas board, Orange and Green "Montana Gold" spray paints, and a Yellow "Montana Black" spray paint. Afterwards I went in with a Black Montana Acrylic Extra Fine tip Marker.
This piece was the result of a Montana Brand product testing session so are welcomed to use any other brands of spray paint and paint pens.
Your first step is taping down your stencil to your canvas board. position the stencil to your desired position, my stencil was placed centered on the board, and then use your masking tape to secure the stencil in position. you also want to cover the rest of the exposed canvas that you do not wish to be spray painted.
Take your masked off canvas board outside or in a well ventilated area to apply the spray paint. Carefully read and follow the instructions on the spray cans for the best result. I always suggest to spray about a foot away from the board, and only spray in short bursts. You don't want to be too close and you don't want to lay the paint on too much, especially when using a stencil. Too much paint applied can leak under the stencil and ruin the pattern.
After playing around with my three colors on the canvas, I let it dry for about 15 minutes. When your paint is completely dry, you can remove your masking tape and stencil. You'll have your patterned nicely painted onto your board!
Next I took my acrylic paint pen and just started to draw my character out. I made sure to not cross over any of the painted pattern, and only drew around it, to give it the appearance like the drawing was under the spray paint.
And that's it! Of course you are welcomed to draw any kind of pattern, characters, designs you desire, in any color you want! Get creative with it and make it your own.
Have fun!

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  1. Wow! That is just fabulous! Thank you for sharing your talent.

  2. Thank you so much! You're welcome and I'm glad you like it!