Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Quilled Ball Bot

Hello Crafters!
Today we're going to be crafting a cute little paper quilled robot. I was inspired by this week's Keiki Craft Camp where one of the crafts was a paper quilled bird. I decided to take the technique and make a little ball robot instead!

For this particular bot, you will need the following strips of cardstock:

Body: 5, 1 inch wide strips. 3,4,5,6,7 inches long.
(White, Silver/grey, White, Orange, White)
Head: 2, 1 inch wide strips. 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 inches long.
(Orange, White)
Eye: 1, 1 x 1 1/2 inch black strip.
Double Stick Tape for assembly.
Optional (not pictured):
Base: 3 shades of tan/brown in 1 inch strips. 5,6,7 inches long.
The assembly process is pretty easy, and if you are familiar with this weeks curly bird, it's the same process.
We'll Start with the body strips. Staring with the smallest strip, our 3 inch white strip, curl the strip into a circle, and fasten with double stick tape.
From here, tape the end of the next size strip to the bottom of your circle, where the ends meet.
Wrap the opposite end of the next strip around and fasten it to the bottom of the circle. Your body will start to form. Continue these steps until you have used all 5 strips.
Now that the Body is complete, we can move on to his head! Starting with the orange strip, fold the ends at about 3/4 inches in. Now have the folded ends meet together, not overlap, and fasten with tape. You should have a half circle shape.
Next, do the same with the larger strip, but instead of folds 3/4 inch in, fold them about an inch inward. just like the body, tape one end of this new strip to the previous shape, wrap it around, and fasten.
Now, take the small black strip and roll it to about pencil width. Fasten with tape, and secure inside the orange strip of the head.

Tape the head to the body and tada! There you have your own little paper robot buddy!
To keep him balanced, it is optional to give him a base. I used three shades of brown/tan strips and fastened them together in the center. Then I simply taped the robot down onto the base.
I hope you've enjoyed this fun little paper quilling craft! Ideal for any sci-fi fan.
May the craft be with you!
James @ Market City

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