Monday, March 7, 2016

Ribbon Weaving Around Pottery

Today's craft could be used for a fairy garden party, or could be a great project for kids!

The supplies you will need:

-clay pot between the sizes of 2 in & 6 in tall
-ball of twine/jute
-satin ribbon in the color aqua roughly half an inch wide
-sheer ribbon in the color olive roughly an inch wide
-hot glue gun/glue sticks
-a smile!

***The colors of our ribbon can vary, but you want to choose colors that look natural, so they match the color and texture of the jute. Greens, browns, oranges, even some yellows and golds. As long as they look like earthy colors then you're in the clear! Also choose at least two ribbons that are different widths. Aesthetically this will give your design some variation and keep it classy. Also thinking about texture, using one sheer and one satin ribbon will give further depth.

First, we need to cut our ribbon into long strips between 8in long and 12in long depending on the height of your selected pot.
The amount of ribbon depends on the width of the pot. Ideally you want them to be close enough to each other to touch but not overlap. 
I cut 8 total ribbons for this example.

Next you'll want to glue the ends of the ribbon to the underside of the pot one at a time, going around all the edges. 

Once the glue is hardened take out your ball of jute and glue one end to the edge of the pot at the bottom, near where you glued your ribbons. That is where we will start wrapping and weaving.

The only thing to remember is to go over one, under one, over one, all the way around. Use glue as needed to secure any loose jute in the beginning. Once you get going, the weave will secure itself.

To finish, simply cut and glue.

And viola! You can also dress this up by turning it into a fairy garden centerpiece! 
Stick some styrofoam in the bottom, and using a dowel rod, take a green moss ball and glue it to the end! Stick your dowel rod in the styrofoam and glue moss on top and you have a cute mini tree!

Bethany @ Enchanted Lake

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