Saturday, March 26, 2016

                                               Aloha from our island of Hawaii
                                                                 Today we are making:

                                                                  Daisy Power pin holder

Materials needed:
3”inch Clay Pot
 3.5 Red Clay saucer
Ceramcoat White and Fuchsia Paint
One Gelly roll pen
2 ½” Styrofoam ball
Green Floral Tape
Greening Pins
Spanish moss
Crafter’s choice of brushes
1 1/4” Spouncer ( Stencil Décor)
9” large Girbera daisy Stem
Fun Craft Ribbon ¼” width color: pink and white
Tacky Glue
Glue Gun and Glue sticks
Ultra fine Glitter

   Paint Clay pot and saucer Fuchsia, let dry. When they are dry take the ¼” spouncer to make the white dots on the clay pot. Brush the tacky glue on the border of the clay pot, and then sprinkle the Ultra fine glitter on it. Set aside and let it dry.
Take the Gelly roll pen and cut of the clip from the cap. Take the pen and the daisy; wrap them with the floral tape. Do not cover the tip of the pen. You will be able to take it and actually use it.
Go back to the pot and glue the Styrofoam ball to the bottom of the pot with the Low temp glue gun.
Cover the top with the Spanish moss; use the greening pins to hold it down. When you have it all pinned down. Take the wrapped flower/gelly pin and stick it directly in the middle of the Styrofoam.
Take the White and Pink ribbon and make a bow around the flower.
You now have a Daisy power pen to write with and a much decorated pot to hold your pen in.
Enjoy and power on….

                                               JOYT@HILO BEN

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