Thursday, March 3, 2016

Elegant Jewelry Box part 2

                                  Hey Crafters,

Today I have part 2 of the elegant jewelry box project from last week for you and I am so excited to unveil the final result. If you’re just tuning in and want to see part one, you can find it a few posts down from this one :).
When I signed off last week, I had a gorgeous jewelry box that could have stayed just as it was, but it just seemed to be begging for more, and who am I to say no? The photos on the left are where we left off; all ready to be embellished!

I began by creating my backing. We have a huge selection of printed card stocks, but for this particular project I wanted something one-of-a-kind. That being the case, I started with a blank cream card stock and added my own print. After measuring the spaces I intended to cover, I used one of LBell’s large script stamps and the distress ink in walnut to cover the background with a pretty script. Over this I used a variety of stamps from bo bunny and Lbell to apply embossing powder in gold for that 3D effect you see. With my background made, all I needed to do was cut and glue my squares in place with mod podge.

In last week’s sneak peak, you may have noticed a print of a pretty corner embellishment. I found this free-use vintage french scroll online and just had to use it for this project. I printed it to the size I needed then cut it and a piece of graphite paper down, and taped them in place so I could easily transfer the outline of the image to the panels of my box. A burnishing tool is perfect for doing this. Once the image was transferred I used my versa tool to burn the outline and a bit of shading in to the wood.

At this point all of my major changes were complete; all that was left are a few minor touches. I decided the hardware could use some extra flare, so I pulled the clasp that came with the box off and added these cute tassels I made, (another super easy project, although we do have a boat load of awesome pre-made tassels if you prefer,) then added a few 'super magnets' to the inside of the box to help keep the doors closed nicely. A sheet of white adhesive felt to line the drawers rounded it out.

Finally, I finished it all off by adding a very light coat of Americana’s gold paint to the scroll work and sealed it all with a glossy coat of mod podge. Voila! One gorgeous, custom made jewelry box that would feel right at home on any dresser or vanity and adds a touch of old world elegance

This project was so much fun and I think it turned out just beautiful. Have questions about this project or want some help getting started on it or something else? Don’t hesitate to drop in and ask for me.

Chelsea @Mapunapuna

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