Thursday, March 3, 2016

Key Hanger

Hi, Everyone!
    So this year we got in these intricate wooden frames.  Really beautiful to look at but hard to decide what to do with them! Because they're pretty light and flat, they can be used as wither borders or can even be used as a table number holder for a wedding centerpiece like Bethany from Enchanted Lake showed us in the previous post!  Today, I decided to use the two designs we have available to create a decorative hook for your foyer or room.  These are really convenient for keeping track of your keys, dog leashes and totes as well.
For this project, I decided to use bright warm colors.  Poppy orange, teal, gold and yellow. 
The main plaque was painted a vibrant orange and distressed with Ceramcoat's Metallic 14k gold paint.  This gold is the most true to color that I have ever seen in an acrylic paint.  Try it, and you won't be disappointed! The frames were painted yellow and teal.  I spray-painted a couple of command hooks with gold shimmer paint and distressed them with the deep black cherry tone. 
After everything was painted, I put everything together with E6000.  Of course, you could add some rhinestones or other kind of embellishments as well, but I decided to keep it simple and let the colors speak for themselves.
After everything is dry, you can hang it up in your craft area or foyer, prop it on your work desk or even in your home office.  It's really convenient for keeping your belongings accessible and out in the open for you to grab and go.  And it looks great
Have fun!
Erika @ P

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